Participant Stories

Listen to Mark’s Story

Ted is college graduate, husband and father. He had a family, home, a great job and at a certain point in his life, he lost it all.

Participant Stories

Katya’s Story

June 21, 2023

My elementary school kids and I are currently homeless, but we live in a very nice place that doesn’t ask us to leave yet. I have food stamps but with food becoming more and more expensive, sometimes it is not enough for us for the entire month.

Terry’s Story

June 5, 2023

She had three children to take care of and no money to go somewhere else.  That's when she contacted CRC's Domestic Violence program, which helped her pay the back rent and find a new home for her family.

Susy’s Story

May 18, 2023

Susy’s journey from crisis to stability Susy was a survivor of domestic violence who came to CRC’s emergency shelter with her two young daughters, Sammy and Sofia. Susy had experienced homelessness as a child and wanted to give her daughters a stable home. She secured a full-time job, but it...

Tiffiny’s Story

April 27, 2023

Tiffiny initially came to Community Resource Center (CRC) for emergency food. She was unaware of CRC’s other programs, but through her case manager, she has been able to benefit from CRC's wraparound housing assistance, counseling and domestic violence programs.

Meet William

March 2, 2023

Series 4: Meet Your Unhoused Neighbor A senior and lifelong Encinitas resident, William participated in Jewish Family Services’ Safe Parking Lot program here in Encinitas and then made his way to CRC. He desperately needed housing as he wanted to focus on recuperating – he had existing medical conditions worsened...

Meet Christine

December 6, 2022

Series 3: Meet Your Unhoused Neighbor Christine and her family have been experiencing homelessness in the City of Carlsbad for over two years. She and her husband have seven children, two of whom are adults. Christine and her eldest daughter are caregivers at an assisted living facility, and her husband...

Ashley’s Story

November 9, 2022

Sometimes the switch from summer to fall and winter can pass in the blink of an eye. But for people experiencing a season of hunger, homelessness or hurt, the days are unbearably long.

Meet Matthew

November 7, 2022

Series 2: Meet Your Unhoused Neighbor Welcome to the first in our series, “Meet Your Unhoused Neighbor” This is a monthly series where you will meet some of our program participants as they share their housing needs and journeys. Matthew* has been experiencing homelessness in Encinitas for the last 3...

Mariana’s Story

October 18, 2022

With no family or friends close by to provide help, Mariana and two of her children, Joseph and Eva, turned to CRC’s Domestic Violence emergency shelter for safety and help. Mariana and her children also received assistance from our other wraparound services, such as healthy food, counseling and case management...