Donna’s Story

Journey to a Stable Home

Once facing homelessness, Donna, a senior with a brain condition and disability, found hope and a new start at Community Resource Center. Her journey began after experiencing traumatic abuse in another state, which led her to California, where she experienced a series of short-term stays, moving from motels to safe parking programs.

Donna’s life changed when she discovered CRC. She found more than just help; she found a compassionate team that supported her every step of the way. From emergency food and nutritional assistance to helping Donna obtain a housing voucher and rental assistance, CRC was there for her. “My CRC case manager had a very sympathetic heart,” Donna recalls, highlighting the personalized support that helped her navigate through difficult times.

Navigating through anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other health challenges made finding a stable place to live difficult for Donna. However, the continuous support from CRC helped her find an apartment in San Diego, where she now lives comfortably, supported by social security and disability benefits.

CRC also helped Donna with the basic needs for starting anew, like a bed and household supplies, which meant a lot to her. She also participated in our Holiday Baskets Program where she received gifts and food during the holidays. “It was really special to get a few gifts … it made me feel cared for,” Donna shared.

Reflecting on her journey, Donna expresses her gratitude: “CRC was instrumental to help me find home again,” she states. Now in her own apartment, Donna shares that she is beginning to heal and hope for the days ahead. She encourages anyone experiencing homelessness or hunger to come to CRC for help, emphasizing: “I truly believe that CRC is very important.”