Landlord Partners

Are you willing to rent to a family or individual in a housing crisis? If you have a rental property, consider partnering with Community Resource Center to help provide a home to a neighbor experiencing homelessness.

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You Can Change Lives – Become a CRC Partner Landlord

CRC works with families, seniors and individuals experiencing homelessness every day. Each family or individual that comes to CRC works with a case manager to identify and address barriers to housing. These households are ready to begin again—they only need a place to call home.

CRC will partner with you in reducing risk and maximizing the return on your investment. Here’s how CRC supports landlords and families: 

  • CRC’s case managers work with the tenant families to connect them with resources to provide rental assistance, eviction prevention, and a support network
  • Tenants receive ongoing housing stabilization support even after they move in
  • Assistance with move-in costs and deposits
  • Participating landlords must adhere to landlord tenancy laws, be willing to sign a lease with the tenant and maintain a habitable rental unit
  • Incentives may be available for landlords who rent to homeless individuals, families and veterans

Contact Us

If you would like to participate as a community partner landlord or get more information, please contact Miranda Chavez, Social Services Director at, or 760-300-3238

Current Housing Needs:

  • Please check back again for more information on our current housing needs for CRC clients.