Susy’s Story

Susy’s journey from crisis to stability

Susy was a survivor of domestic violence who came to CRC’s emergency shelter with her two young daughters, Sammy and Sofia. Susy had experienced homelessness as a child and wanted to give her daughters a stable home. She secured a full-time job, but it was not enough to afford rent, so she moved into CRC’s transitional housing and focused on finding a better opportunity.  

Mother and daughters

Susy was determined to improve her situation and took advantage of CRC’s wraparound services. She met with a therapist every week to cope with the trauma she had endured. She also received healthy food from CRC’s food pantry to nourish her family. During her time in transitional housing, Susy was able to focus on seeking a different employment opportunity that was more supportive and flexible with her daughter’s school schedule and with better pay. 

Susy’s daughters are also benefiting from CRC’s services. They enrolled in a nearby school and are seeing a therapist who helps them heal. They enjoy spending time in CRC’s Therapeutic Children’s Center, where they can play, learn and express themselves. 

Susy had a dream of providing a safe, loving and stable home for Sammy and Sofia. With the help of CRC’s wraparound services, she made that dream come true.