Nichole’s Story

Journey to Safety and Stability

Nichole, a single mother with a 5-year-old daughter, reached out to Community Resource Center for help to escape her abuser and relocate safely. After her address was unfortunately leaked in court documents, Nichole faced immediate danger. She and her daughter were also faced with the prospect of starting over, yet again.

The breach of Nichole’s address through court documents left her vulnerable, but Nichole was determined to protect herself and her family. Relocating is expensive and oftentimes survivors of domestic violence will not leave because it is not an obtainable expense. Nichole had been found by her abuser and needed to leave urgently for her and her daughter’s safety.

Nichole and her CRC case manager developed a safety plan and collaborated with the housing management where she lived. Leveraging California Civil Code 1946.7, which empowers crime victims to terminate leases without penalty, Nichole was able to leave her compromised living situation, avoiding typical lease-breaking fees that often hinder survivors from moving.

Financial constraints, including the costs associated with securing new housing, presented significant obstacles for Nichole. She had to pay her remaining rent for 14 days as well as the deposit and first month’s rent for her new home. CRC’s Housing First program provided the assistance Nichole needed to overcome these financial barriers. Nichole then worked closely with CRC’S DV Rapid Rehousing Program to find a new, secure apartment.

Today, Nichole and her daughter are in a safe, secure and welcoming home free from violence and fear. Nichole’s story exemplifies the profound impact of compassionate intervention and the strength of human resilience.