Tiffiny’s Story

Meet Tiffiny

Tiffiny initially came to Community Resource Center (CRC) for emergency food. She was unaware of CRC’s other programs, but through her case manager, she has been able to benefit from CRC’s wraparound housing assistance, counseling and domestic violence programs.

As a mother of five children, ranging from 4 to 15 years old, Tiffiny was determined her children would not endure the trauma of poverty, abuse, and addiction she had. She and her husband ran a growing business, they were sober, and their children were safe, so she was willing to tolerate his controlling behavior.

Then their youngest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the business began to slow when the pandemic started. They moved for cheaper housing, and drugs and alcohol crept into the picture. Her husband directed his anger more and more toward Tiffiny. When their business closed, they could no longer pay the rent and the family ended up in a transitional homeless shelter.

Seeing no other options to break the downward spiral and abuse, Tiffiny fled her situation in search of sobriety and hope. Even though she was unable to take her children with her at that point, Tiffiny believed the only way she could truly help her children was to leave the abuse and become sober herself. 

“It’s the kindness I receive from my case manager, Tiffany, that helps me to find the hope to go on. She hears me and helps me to find the answers for myself.”

With the support of her case manager, she is sober and has found stable housing. She’s enrolled in school and hopes she will soon have her children with her once again. When people ask her why they should come to CRC, she tells them “Be a resource queen. Help is available. Teamwork makes every dream work!”