Katya’s Story

The Journey of a Mother and Her Children

My elementary school kids and I are currently homeless, but we live in a very nice place that doesn’t ask us to leave yet. I have food stamps but with food becoming more and more expensive, sometimes it is not enough for us for the entire month.

CRC in Encinitas is my primary help because most food distribution sites have only a drive-thru option and I do not own a car. The food is always good, the variety is also generous. You can come any day during the business week. The community of those who come regularly is full of nice and interesting people. It’s true that they say, the kind ones struggle the most.

CRC is there for you, if you need help, and not just about food, you may ask for advice, and CRC will try to suggest something for your request. CRC has suggested help with housing which I’m very grateful for.

Thank you a lot for your help! Hopefully, one day I’ll come not as a client, but as a volunteer.

Have a wonderful day!