Samantha’s Story

“The assistance provided by CRC significantly lightens our load.”

Samantha, a resilient single mother of three, is navigating the challenges of inflation and the higher costs of food. Through CRC’s Food & Nutrition program, she not only finds the sustenance to nourish her children but also the support to hope for a brighter future during these difficult times. Here’s what Samantha shared with us in her own words about why CRC is important to her:

“As a single mother of three young children, ages nine, seven and five, the struggle to make ends meet is incredibly challenging right now, especially with the tough economy. There are times it seems impossible, but the assistance provided by CRC significantly lightens our load.

When you assist us with food, it brings me so much relief because sometimes I struggle to provide enough food for my kids throughout the month, and your support really helps alleviate that immense pressure.

The benefits your program offers are so important for my family. If it weren’t for such kind people like you who offer support, I don’t know what we would do. I know that we can count on such special and wonderful individuals during these very difficult times in our lives.

My family receives help from your program for regular food and during the holidays. Being able to rely on you during these times is a great relief. It means so much to me to know that my children can receive a gift that I could not otherwise afford. And to be able to provide them with a special dinner during these times fills me with gratitude.

I am grateful for the beautiful people involved in this program and for the generosity that never fades, especially during these tough times.”