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Listen to Ted’s Story

Ted is college graduate, husband and father. He had a family, home, a great job and at a certain point in his life, he lost it all.

Counseling Program

Daisy’s Story

January 20, 2022

“Sometimes you don’t know how much help you need until someone helps you”  Daisy suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her permanently disabled. She could not afford to pay her rent and bills with her disability income alone and began living in her car. After 5 months of “being...

Jennifer’s Story

December 28, 2021

Jennifer, a 23-year-old woman, arrived at Carol’s House with her four year old son Maddox. After 45 days in CRC’a emergency shelter and diligently searching for permanent housing, she was accepted into the CRC transitional housing program located at an affordable housing complex, with the assistance of CRC partner Community...

Adriana’s Story

December 13, 2021

“I’ve never been in this situation before and I really appreciate you opening the doors to help me and probably so many other people, I am really thankful for that” When Adriana’s husband lost his job, they struggled to stay afloat but they fell behind on their rent. After several months of struggling, they came to Community Resource Center for...

Community Resource Center is Nonprofit of the Year for Assembly District 76

June 23, 2021

Community Resource Center is honored to be recognized by Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath as the District 76 California Nonprofit of the Year! Each year, California Assemblymembers and State Senators select a nonprofit from their district to be recognized for their work to provide services to those in need, promote social...

Counseling | Change

August 17, 2017

Counseling Corner By: Tami Earnhart, LMFT, ATR Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, #95728 Registered Art Therapist My family has farmed in a part of the country where the sky is very big, so big in fact that a storm can be seen on the horizon from miles away. Doppler radar...