Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer, a 23-year-old woman, arrived at Carol’s House with her four year old son Maddox. After 45 days in CRC’a emergency shelter and diligently searching for permanent housing, she was accepted into the CRC transitional housing program located at an affordable housing complex, with the assistance of CRC partner Community HousingWorks.

As this was the first time she had the responsibility for her own apartment, she had to learn to maintain a full-time job and manage her finances. With the support of CRC case managers, she was able to find a job she enjoys.

Now, Jennifer works as an office tech for a company that offers trainings and the opportunity for upward mobility, and she is motivated to learn as much as possible. Her son Maddox is enrolled in the local head start program and doing well.

Jennifer continues to express her gratitude for the support and help she received during her time at CRC: Transportation assistance to gas up her vehicle and make it to work daily, budgeting assistance to help her live within her means and develop a savings account, Holiday Baskets items she was able to share with her family. Over the course of Jennifer’s stay in the program, she has grown personally and professionally, always with a big smile and counting her blessings.