Daisy’s Story

“Sometimes you don’t know how much help you need until someone helps you” 

Daisy suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her permanently disabled. She could not afford to pay her rent and bills with her disability income alone and began living in her car. After 5 months of “being on the road,” Daisy was approved for an apartment. She thought everything in her life would magically fall into place, but that was not the case.  

“It was like I was starting over again because I was used to living on the road, so I didn’t have furniture or many basic necessities for my new apartment.” 

After months of living day-to-day, Daisy was not used to budgeting for bills or planning for the future. When she came to CRC, she was hoping to get help with her security deposit and was pleasantly surprised when her case manager provided so much more. Daisy says, “my amazing caseworker was patient, kind, helpful and seemed to always know what I needed before I even did. She thought of every little detail that would help me be successful in my new apartment and life. She guided me and gave me advice without being overbearing. This help was invaluable to me because I didn’t know how much guidance I really needed.” 

Another benefit Daisy was not expecting was vouchers to CRC’s Resale Store. When you live in your car, you only keep what can fit. There isn’t room for furniture, dishes and other household items most people take for granted. Daisy was given vouchers for her household basics such as tables, chairs, dishes and other kitchen items. Because of the voucher system and generous donations, Daisy was given the dignity of choice which “made [her] feel like a real person again.” Having these items made her new apartment feel more like a home to her. 

Daisy says, “I’m thankful for the security deposit, furniture, blankets, clothing, dishes, food, Case Worker guidance and resource information, but what I’ll remember the most is that you cared enough to reach out to help me. I’ll forever be grateful.”