Adriana’s Story

“I’ve never been in this situation before and I really appreciate you opening the doors to help me and probably so many other people, I am really thankful for that”

When Adriana’s husband lost his job, they struggled to stay afloat but they fell behind on their rent. After several months of struggling, they came to Community Resource Center for help. Adriana says, “when [my husband] was not working, I felt hopeless. The rent does not wait, you always have to pay.” Adriana had never been in this situation before and was in “a dark cold where you do not see the light coming up.” Adriana felt hope for the first time in months. Her family received rental assistance as well as assistance with her vehicle, to ensure her family had reliable transportation to work. The household is now stabile and able to move forward. Adriana proclaims, “[my case manager] was someone I had never met before, but she was there for us. That means so much to me … you make us feel love and care, and I am really thankful for that”.