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August Volunteer of the Month: Saundra Moton!

Congratulations to CRC’s Volunteer of the Month Nominating staff person Brianna DuPlessis (CRC HR Coordinator) shared: “Saundra has been on the CRC Board of Directors since July 2021 and just stepped into the board secretary role. She has been involved in bringing some key staff to CRC and has been...

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Katya’s Story

June 21, 2023

My elementary school kids and I are currently homeless, but we live in a very nice place that doesn’t ask us to leave yet. I have food stamps but with food becoming more and more expensive, sometimes it is not enough for us for the entire month.

Terry’s Story

June 5, 2023

She had three children to take care of and no money to go somewhere else.  That's when she contacted CRC's Domestic Violence program, which helped her pay the back rent and find a new home for her family.

Susy’s Story

May 18, 2023

Susy’s journey from crisis to stability Susy was a survivor of domestic violence who came to CRC’s emergency shelter with her two young daughters, Sammy and Sofia. Susy had experienced homelessness as a child and wanted to give her daughters a stable home. She secured a full-time job, but it...