May Volunteers of the Month: Chuck and Cheri Pryatel

Congratulations to Chuck and Cheri, May Volunteers of the Month!

Chuck and Cheri have been supporting our Food Pantry since 2019. Says nominating volunteer lead, Apple Phillips: 

“Chuck and Cheri are always there by 8:30, and often earlier, on Wednesdays, to get the ‘Back of House’ ready for deliveries, as well as process the 8:00 am Starbucks delivery and help keep me supplied and organized during First Light (our food distribution for unhoused clients) hours. We often process four deliveries on Wednesdays, and they keep the team at the top of our game.

They are terrific, faithful volunteers! I hope they never go away, because I don’t know how we could do so much without them!”

Thank you, Chuck and Cheri, for your compassionate support of those who come to our Food Pantry each week!