June Volunteer of the Month: Cynthia Frega

Congratulations to Cynthia Frega, June Volunteer of the Month!

From supervising manager, Robert Pontier:

Cynthia is a dynamo. She comes in three to four days a week to our Encinitas shop. Cynthia is well known for her beautiful display windows. She takes meticulous care in choosing a theme and selecting items to complement the theme. She generally spends a whole day working on the window to get it just right.

Cynthia also spends hours making sure our furniture is displayed well. Recently she gave our designer area a much-needed face lift. Cynthia is also a great sales person. As I was typing this, she came back to tell me she sold a $100.00 Chanel scarf.

With the staffing challenges we have faced in the last 3 months, Cynthia has been a constant support. In addition to all the aforementioned tasks Cynthia handles in the shop, she also cashiers for us when needed, and that in itself is a BIG help.”

Thank you, Cynthia!