Domestic Violence

The Results of the 1st Annual Teens Conference

Helping Teens Learn Skills to Build Healthy Relationships for Life By Luis Canseco, CRC Domestic Violence Education and Prevention Program Manager The first Teen Dating Violence Awareness event that was held on February 1st, Teens for Healthy Relationships Conference 2023 was quite a success. Thanks to the community’s support, there...

Domestic Violence

Ashley’s Story

November 9, 2022

Sometimes the switch from summer to fall and winter can pass in the blink of an eye. But for people experiencing a season of hunger, homelessness or hurt, the days are unbearably long.

Mariana’s Story

October 18, 2022

With no family or friends close by to provide help, Mariana and two of her children, Joseph and Eva, turned to CRC’s Domestic Violence emergency shelter for safety and help. Mariana and her children also received assistance from our other wraparound services, such as healthy food, counseling and case management...