Mariana’s Story

Mariana's and her two children

With no family or friends close by to provide help, Mariana and two of her children, Joseph and Eva, turned to CRC’s Domestic Violence emergency shelter for safety and help. Mariana and her children also received assistance from our other wraparound services, such as healthy food, counseling and case management to help them overcome the trauma and heartache experienced by survivors of domestic violence.

Mariana displayed extraordinary courage, persistence and determination to push ahead despite the challenges. She kept a positive attitude and worked hard, both at the shelter and at her job, and was accepted into CRC’s Domestic Violence Transitional Housing program. She had a long commute to work every day, making time spent with her children very short. Only a month after entering the program, her boss, who was suffering from depression, committed suicide. Although this tragedy devastated Mariana and her children, she continued to push forward. With the support of her CRC counselor and case manager, Mariana continued taking classes, working hard and helping her children in their education.

Soon Mariana obtained a driver’s license and purchased an automobile, cutting her commute to work in half and making it possible to spend more time with her family. She completed CRC’s Domestic Violence program, while building her savings and finally securing a safe, stable home for her family. She is very proud of both her sons, who were also completing major milestones. The younger son just graduated from high school and her eldest (living with his grandmother), received a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

“We are so grateful for the support and help from CRC,” says Mariana, “and we are ready to move on to a new chapter of our life.”

CRC’s Domestic Violence program, and other wraparound programs that include counseling, housing assistance, food and case management, help survivors create new futures filled with hope and opportunities, free from abuse and fear. Mariana’s persistence and determination, not succumbing to discouragement and obtaining help from CRC to focus on her goals, helped her create a new, bright future for herself and her family.

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