Food and Nutrition Program

Volunteer Appreciation Event Celebrates 45 Years of Service

Thank you to our CRC volunteers, serving our neighbors since 1979!

Food and Nutrition Program

Samantha’s Story

May 17, 2024

Samantha, a resilient single mother of three, is navigating the challenges of inflation and the higher costs of food. Through CRC's Food & Nutrition program, she not only finds the sustenance to nourish her children but also the support to hope for a brighter future during these difficult times. Here’s what Samantha shared with us in her own words about why CRC is important to her

Donna’s Story

March 19, 2024

Once facing homelessness, Donna, a senior with a brain condition and disability, found hope and a new start at Community Resource Center. Her journey began after experiencing traumatic abuse in another state, which led her to California, where she experienced a series of short-term stays, moving from motels to safe parking programs.

Susy’s Story

May 18, 2023

Susy’s journey from crisis to stability Susy was a survivor of domestic violence who came to CRC’s emergency shelter with her two young daughters, Sammy and Sofia. Susy had experienced homelessness as a child and wanted to give her daughters a stable home. She secured a full-time job, but it...

Christen’s Story

December 30, 2021

Christen lost her employment and housing due to Covid layoffs before the mandatory eviction moratorium. She was unable to find employment and ran out of savings, and was forced to give up her apartment. After a short time with family, Christen became homeless. Coping with serious health concerns, she was...