Christen’s Story

Christen lost her employment and housing due to Covid layoffs before the mandatory eviction moratorium. She was unable to find employment and ran out of savings, and was forced to give up her apartment. After a short time with family, Christen became homeless. Coping with serious health concerns, she was connected by the Oceanside Homeless Outreach Team to CRC and received emergency motel vouchers. After paying to continue at the motel, she was approved for an apartment and moved to a bridge motel program. With the support of her Case Manager and deposit and first month’s rent assistance, Christen was able to move into a new apartment with her dog and cat.  

Christen says “The Food and Nutrition Center has been absolutely wonderful to me. The food choices and quality is always good and the quantity per person is substantial. Without their help, I would not have enough to eat with just my EBT card. The staff and volunteers are there to help always with a smile on their face and a non-judgmental giving nature. I am very thankful to have this option in my current state.” 

She now receives group support through Leap to Success. Christen is in a better place spiritually and emotionally and hopes to open a small business.