Delivering Food to Seniors in Need

In partnership with the City of Encinitas Senior Center, CRC provides support and meals to unsheltered vulnerable adults and seniors who are temporarily housed in motels during the pandemic. We are thankful to all our volunteers who pick up meals, create meal packages and make deliveries!

“When the pandemic hit, I came to CRC for help. I’m 72 years old and I’ve been sick and in and out of the hospital. It means the world to me getting this food. I’ve been staying at a hotel and working with [CRC case manager] Chad to find housing. CRC has been a godsend for me.” – Joseph, meal delivery recipient

“The CRC food delivery program [during the pandemic] is a service of head and heart. The team members and volunteers care deeply about the people we serve. Over the months, the clients began to anticipate my arrival … they all sincerely express their gratitude with grace.” – Maggie, CRC volunteer

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