Bastyr University Interns Implement Enhanced Nutrition Education Program

Pictured left to right: Kevin Canale, Kristina Valbuena, Anne Guthrie and Kacy Lindaman

Bastyr University Interns Provide Nutrition Resources for the Community

June 24, 2019

Four student interns from Bastyr University California dedicated this school year to developing a Nutrition Education program that will benefit hundreds of families and individuals in need. The interns – Kevin Canale, Kristina Valbuena, Anne Guthrie and Kacy Lindaman – developed the curriculum as part of their capstone project for Bastyr University’s Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness.

The new curriculum provides a robust training for CRC’s volunteers to better assist and educate our Food & Nutrition Center participants on healthy food choices. The students developed a nutrition education video that is now part of the training for new volunteers at our Center. The team also added visual aids throughout the Center to guide volunteers on nutritional choices and help meet special nutritional needs of those we serve. Volunteers are critical to the operation of our Center, where they sort food donations, organize and restock food, and help individuals select food.

Kristina Valbuena, one of the Bastyr interns, says about her experience:

“I am absolutely grateful and appreciative of the opportunity Bastyr and CRC has given myself and my group to work with such a supportive and giving community. The nutrition education intervention we created for the volunteers has been such a pleasure to create and implement at the CRC. Everyone has been receptive and has given helpful feedback to better the health of the participants. The on-going effort to fight for hunger, shelter, and safer homes continues to be seen nationwide, and like the capstone project, these are the steps that are needed to make an impactful change. Thank you again to the CRC staff, leadership, and volunteers. You all are making such a big difference, you should all be so proud!”

This enhanced nutrition program is part of CRC’s commitment to pursuing holistic well-being for those we serve. Community Resource Center distributes over 480,000 pounds of rescued food annually at their center, an essential resource for 400 monthly participants, including struggling families, seniors and individuals experiencing homelessness.