At this time, we are only processing new volunteer applications for Resale Store volunteers.  If you are a current volunteer, we will send all pertinent general and program-specific communication in as timely a manner as we can. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!
Please see below for ways to get involved here at Community Resource Center

1-4 Volunteers

5+ Volunteers

14-17 Years Old

Interested in any of these opportunities?
If you are a new volunteer, please click the link below to sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only taking applications for our Resale Stores.
We are not accepting general volunteer applications until further notice.  Thank you!  

Already a CRC Volunteer? 

Contact Sara Rosenbaum, CRC Volunteer Manager at


Volunteers make a huge difference in helping Community Resource Center further its mission. Volunteers are one of our most important resources.

Our volunteers help at CRC’s food distribution center and resale stores, assist our staff at CRC events, host donation drives and fundraisers and help the marketing and development team with various projects. Your skills and experience make it possible for CRC to provide programs to end hunger, homelessness and domestic violence.

In 2019, volunteers donated 38,000 hours to CRC, valued at over 1.1 million dollars! Your donation of time and talent make it possible for us to help thousands each year in our community! We couldn’t do this work without you …



Submission of volunteer application (processing typically takes one-two weeks, so those completing hours for school or as part of court-mandated service are advised to complete an application well in advance of deadlines. Please note that we cannot provide volunteer work for any citations related to theft or violence because of the programs and services we manage).

Special screening may be required depending on volunteer assignment.

Youths age 14 and older are encouraged to apply. Youth volunteer opportunities vary depending on age.

Upon receipt of your application, the Volunteer Manager will contact you to arrange an informational interview to discuss your volunteer interests and current CRC volunteer needs.



To all of our volunteers for all that you do to support Community Resource Center’s mission.

Your consistent commitment is critical to the success of our programs which assist thousands of community members create paths to safety, stability and self-sufficiency.  

For more information about volunteering contact:

Sara Rosenbaum, Volunteer Manager


Community Resource Center changes lives...and we couldn't do it without our volunteers!