R.J.’s Story | Food & Nutrition Program

R.J.’s Story | Food & Nutrition Program

“As you get older, it’s harder to make ends meet. Without this program, I would be in trouble.” – R.J., CRC participant

Imagine trying to live on $16 a month in Food Stamps. What could you buy? You might be able to survive, but your nutrition would surely be suffering.

R.J. came to Community Resource Center in need of food. As a senior, retired from over 20 years as a fireman and paramedic, R.J. experiences lung problems and is unable to work. With a limited income, he depends on CRC’s food program to make ends meet. He said that he applied for CalFresh (Food Stamps), but they were only able to provide $16 a month in food.

R.J. comes weekly to “shop” in CRC’s Food & Nutrition Center, where he selects a week’s supply of healthy foods and households items like shampoo and cleaning supplies. R.J. says that without this program, “I’d be skin and bones. They give you everything you need to survive.” R.J. also participates in Nutrition Classes at CRC.

“Encinitas is a caring community,” said R.J. “As a result, that kindness extends to all of the residents, as you provide for the poor.”