Press Release: CRC a Pilot Site for EDCO

Community Resource Center a Pilot Site for EDCO  

Food Waste Composting Program will divert waste from local landfill 

Encinitas, Calif. (July 19, 2021) – Community Resource Center (CRC) has partnered with EDCO on their new organics recycling program and has begun recycling organic food waste and diverting it from the landfill as part of the next step to achieving California’s Zero Waste goals. EDCO has constructed the first state of the art, advanced technology Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility in San Diego County that is capable of processing and breaking down organic waste into renewable natural gas and fertilizer that will serve the needs of our region.  

Although most of the food CRC receives from our grocery store partners is fine for human consumption and distribution, some food waste is generated. EDCO’s organic waste program allows CRC to recycle what cannot be distributed to food pantry clients, to turn it into a valuable resource.  

CRC’s Food and Nutrition Program Manager, Yanira Frias, says “Now, we not only rescue food from local grocery stores and distribute it out to our community in need but we also divert the organic food waste from going into landfills. Our staff, volunteers and participants deeply care about the food system as a whole and together we are thrilled to be a part of achieving California’s Zero Waste goals.” 

EDCO estimates that 22% of waste going to the landfill is organic. By partnering with EDCO, CRC is helping to reduce its food pantry’s carbon footprint. 

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About Community Resource Center 

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