Holiday Baskets

Giving help & hope
to neighbors in need
during the holidays

Thank you for your interest in supporting Community Resource Center’s Holiday Baskets program. We’re actively planning for December and can share the following details:

All throughout the year, CRC helps individuals and families create paths to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships. This year, our 39th Annual Holiday Baskets program will serve 900 households plus 200 seniors. Households will receive food, gifts, blankets and jackets in a drive-through distribution on December 4, while holiday gift bags will be delivered to seniors. The food and other items we provide help ensure everyone has a wonderful holiday experience, while giving low-income households some breathing room, so scarce dollars may be spent on other needs such as rent, utilities or transportation.

Participant Registration

This year’s Holiday Baskets program registration will be limited to existing CRC participants and two community registration partners, San Diego County Office of Education Migrant Education Program and Easter Seals who work with families throughout San Diego’s north county.

Existing CRC participants will be contacted directly by their Case Manager, receive an invitation to register via email or may register in person at 650 2nd Street.

Please see 211 San Diego for information on additional holiday programs that might be available.

Please contact the Integrative Services department at or 760-300-3238 if you have additional questions.

For Current or New Volunteers

Holiday Baskets volunteer opportunities are limited. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media for notification of volunteer opportunities.

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CRC Partners at specific levels will receive priority scheduling for select volunteer opportunities. Learn more about becoming a Partner.

CRC needs the community’s help!

Donation drives, financial contributions and volunteering are critical to making sure every household and senior has a great Holiday Baskets experience.

There are two ways to provide items for distribution: Adopt-a-Family or Donation Drive


You register to provide a specific number of family gift boxes, with the required items in each box. CRC will provide you with the box, which you can decorate. A maximum of 300 boxes will be assembled in the Adopt-a-Family plan.

2021 Holiday Baskets Wish List for Family Boxes

Register to Adopt a Family


Donation Drive:

You register to host/plan a donation drive to collect a specific item needed for distribution. Once your drive is complete, you’ll fill out another short survey to inform CRC of how much was collected, and then you’ll deliver the items during specified delivery dates. We ask that you only collect one item type per drive, so that each drive is delivering items of one type – this makes it easier for our volunteers to sort and pack boxes. A maximum of 600 boxes and 200 senior gift bags will be assembled in the Donation Drive plan.

Register to Host a Donation Drive

2021 Holiday Baskets Wish List for Donation Drives

Donation Drives Toolkit

Customizable Sign for Your Donation Bins

Wish Lists for Holiday Baskets 2021:

Each year, we select items we think will be most useful and beneficial for our participants, which are then packed into the family boxes and senior gift bags.

Please note: The Family Boxes Wish List contains all the items for just those boxes, the Donation Drives Wish List contains items for the family boxes as well as the senior gift bags.

Wish List for Family Boxes

Wish List for Donation Drives

For suggestions on items to purchase for the Holiday Baskets Wish List, please view our Amazon Gift Registry.

If you do decide to purchase items from Amazon, please make sure you have joined AmazonSmile and selected Community Resource Center as your charity of choice. Your purchase will then direct a percent of the purchase price towards CRC as a donation!

Please register below to Adopt-a-Family or host a Donation Drive


Host a Donation Drive

To make a financial contribution to Holiday Baskets, click here.

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