Holiday Baskets 2022

Giving help & hope
to neighbors in need
during the holidays

Thank you for your interest in Community Resource Center’s Holiday Baskets program
All throughout the year, CRC helps individuals and families create paths to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships.
2022 marks the 40th Holiday Baskets program distribution and we’re planning some big changes!
As an organization, as a community, as compassionate neighbors, we believe in the dignity of choice. To create a plan for your own future and work towards stable housing, select the food you’d like to eat, forge the safe relationship you’d like to have with your intimate partner.
This is why we’re making changes to CRC’s Holiday Baskets program: to give our clients the choice to select the food items they need most, or gifts for their kids, or the detergent and soap that is always too expensive but so very much needed. It’s about providing them with the dignity of choice.
This year we plan to serve over 900 individuals, including seniors and unsheltered clients experiencing homelessness in Encinitas.
Households will …
  • Engage in a “dignity of choice” shopping experience on December 10th, to choose new essential and most-needed items at Target
  • Receive a voucher to select gently-used items at CRC’s Resale stores
  • Receive a new blanket and fresh produce
Seniors will …
  • Receive holiday gift bags delivered to them
Unsheltered clients will …
  • Receive backpacks filled with basic living essentials and food items
The food and other essential items help ensure low-income households have a wonderful holiday experience and gives them some economic breathing room, so scarce dollars may be spent on other needs such as rent, utilities or transportation.

Participant Registration

  • This year’s Holiday Baskets program registration will be open to existing CRC participants.
  • Existing CRC participants will be contacted directly by their Case Manager or may register in person at 650 2nd Street.
  • Please see 211 San Diego for information on additional holiday programs that might be available.
  • Please contact the Integrative Services department at or 760-300-3238 if you have additional questions.

For Current or New Volunteers

Holiday Baskets volunteer opportunities are limited.
Please sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media for notification of volunteer opportunities.
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How You Can Help


Your donation will help us cover program expenses and purchase any items needed for the distribution.

We are grateful for gifts of any amount.
Thank you!


Plan a fundraiser to help CRC support Holiday Baskets:

A holiday Walk-a-thon, neighborhood competition, band marathon … we have lots of great ideas in our fundraiser toolkit! You can also crowdfund to see which department or team at your work can obtain the highest participation.


Although we are not collecting food donations for distribution at Holiday Baskets, our food pantry is always in need of items, most especially during the holidays.

If you would like to host a food donation drive, please be sure to view our Wish List to collect our most-needed items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of Holiday Baskets?
Holiday Baskets has two main objectives which are related to each other:
  • Provide food, gifts and other essentials for families and seniors to have a nice holiday experience.
  • Through dignity of choice, allow households to select the items they need the most, so they can use their scarce dollars to pay rent, utilities and other expenses in order to remain in their homes.
Why did we reduce the numbers?
CRC is focusing on its mission and lifting up the voices and needs of the clients, tailoring its programming to those we serve.
In future years, if CRC’s client number increases, so too with the number of households assisted by Holiday Baskets.
Why are bikes not being distributed?
  • The program scope has shifted, and bikes were part of a program we are no longer facilitating.
  • Clients are still eligible to purchase a bike during their shopping experience at Target, or they may use their CRC resale store voucher to purchase one.




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