Education & Prevention

Domestic Violence Training & Presentations

CRC educators offer violence prevention presentations and trainings to area colleges and schools, community groups, businesses and individuals including Understanding Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships and Teen Relationship Violence Prevention, and a comprehensive 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training.

  • Domestic Violence 101 and How to Connect to Resources – Presentations can be 20-60 minutes and covers the most basic information about domestic violence and services available to survivors.
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence – Workshops are more in-depth, interactive, cover more topics and usually are scheduled for 1.5-4 hours.
  • Healthy Relationships, Healthy Masculinity, and Teen Dating Violence Prevention – Trainings are typically offered to student and youth groups in a series of 4 to 6 one-hour sessions but can also be held in fewer sessions.
  • Men’s Support Group – The Men’s Support Group was designed to fill in a gap in our community regarding the lack of support groups for males who have experience domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, or any form of violence. This is a space where men can share their concerns and the struggles they are experiencing after being exposed to violence, whether this violence occurred recently or time ago, offering men connection and support.

All of our presentations, trainings and workshops are designed for groups who want to learn more about …

  • How abuse and violence occur in relationships
  • Forms of abuse
  • Effects of abuse and violence
  • Domestic/dating violence warning signs
  • How to help yourself and others stay safe in intimate relationships
  • Healthy relationships
  • Healthy masculinity

If you are interested in a presentation or workshop for your group, please contact us at

To learn more about our Domestic Violence services, please call our Toll-Free 24-hour hotline at