My Top 10 Things to Do in the Next 3 Years

Every new day, every new week, every new month, every new year is a blank canvas waiting to be painted or an empty page waiting to be filled with words. With my first three years serving CRC in the past, I see a hope-filled vision for our future.

Here are the Top 10 things I’m looking forward to accomplishing in the next three years:

  1. Support groups for survivors of domestic violence being offered in English and Spanish. (To be transparent, that starts this week – but I had to include it because it’s exciting news! It’s the first time in more than 10 years we’ve been able to offer the support group for Spanish speakers.)
  2. A stable foundation of best practices – donor engagement, human resources, programs, business, finance – that ensures the long future of CRC.
  3. A Board of Directors and staff leadership team that reflects the people we serve, and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  4. The enhanced ability to share stories of our successes because of validated key performance indicators.
  5. New and renewed facilities designed to meet our clients’ needs with dignity.
  6. Technological transformation that ensures our employees have the best tools with which to work.
  7. Improving the accessibility of our programs through expanded hours, new satellite offices and mobile services.
  8. Informed community, social and legislative advocacy that advances our causes, supports our mission and improves the lives of the people we serve.
  9. An organization that intuitively practices continuous improvement and learning.
  10. Creating a reservoir of information that guides our missional decisions with good data.

As with last months’ three year look back, so it is with this months’ three year look forward: all these goals are focused on one thing: helping our neighbors create paths to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships.

These next years are going to be energizing!