Gifts That Change Lives

There are two thoughts swirling around in my head that might seem unrelated, like six degrees from Kevin Bacon, but they’re very related and connected so please bear with me.

The first thought is for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There are important milestones to celebrate from the past year: a federal fix to sustain and increase the Crime Victims Fund (VOCA) benefiting domestic violence programs, a state initiative to restore funding for prevention education, and the imminent opening of the North County Family Justice Center. But in the light of these successes there are also heartbreaking realities that persist in the shadow pandemic of domestic violence highlighted by two sobering facts: there were 11 domestic violence related homicides in San Diego County last year, and 42% of domestic violence prosecutions in our county come from the north. CRC will persist in its work and commitment to serve survivors of domestic violence until we reach the ideal of everyone living in the reality of safe relationships.

The second thought is the unknown person our staff colleagues have lovingly named the Cash Fairy. At what appears to be random intervals of days, an anonymous person leaves variable amounts of cash gifts at CRC: $1.00 one day, $4.00 another, $7.00 another – etc. The beauty of this gift is its anonymity. The value of this gift is that it comes from the heart… and I can’t help but imagine this person is giving as much as they can whenever they can to help one of their neighbors in need.

How are these two thoughts connected? One person comes to CRC to leave an abusive relationship and build a new life, and we’re able to help because another person anonymously leaves random gifts to support our work. The value of the gift is in the act of its giving. The impact of our programs are the lives changed.

Thank you for supporting CRC. We are an expression of your compassion and concern for our neighbors in need.