CRC’s 2022 Priorities

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.

– Joel A. Barker


During a new years’ conversation with a friend, I was asked to describe three personal intentions for the coming year. It was the first time I was asked this question, and it got me thinking.

It was a question that also seeped into my thinking about my professional intentions – my vision – for CRC. I think the last two years have amplified the reality that there are so many external events that we can’t control, driving forces that create pressure and unexpected change. But during these events and driving forces we can control our focus, in the same way a ship’s captain navigates a coastal storm by keeping a hand on the helm and an eye on the lighthouse.

Built upon the foundational, strategic priorities that guide our decision making, my vision for CRC is that we will be:

  • Sustainable: We will continue making best practice decisions for our programs and finances to ensure the infinitely foreseeable future of CRC.
  • Reliable: We will continue to consistently fulfill our mission promise to stakeholders and clients to help our neighbors create paths to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships.
  • Growing: We will make mission driven decisions that maximize the impact of our programs, and address needs gaps in the communities we serve.

Whatever happens in 2022, I promise to keep my hand on the helm and my eyes on the light of this three-fold vision. This is not just for the sake of a dream, nor to pass the time, but to join you in changing for good the world of people who experience hunger, homelessness and hurt.

(P.S. My personal words for 2022 are: Authentic, Intentional and Active)