What is Hope?


When I was a teenager, I used to sit or lay quietly in front of our family Christmas tree breathing in the pine scent and looking at the lights.

I think back to those moments and now realize that I was contemplating hope. The contrast of light in darkness. The memories of years past recalled through ornaments hanging on the tree. Anticipation of the gifts we’d share and receive in the days to come.

For me, hope is one of the great words in the English language. Not the wishful thinking kind of hope, but the reasonable expectation of something new and good to happen based on all the evidence of things past and present.

My hope for you is that these holidays and the coming new year will be filled with gifts that cause you to cherish life and your loved ones.

My hope for our staff and volunteers is that their compassion and resilience will be fortified as they continue to provide direct service to so many of our neighbors who are experiencing hunger, homelessness and hurt.

My hope for the people we serve is that they will courageously move forward to their future and find their path to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships.

I have reason to think – to believe – these hopes will be realized because of all the evidence from things past and present.

Happy Holidays and New Years to you and your loved ones.