The Top 10 Things We’ve Accomplished

The sunset of my third year with CRC is on the horizon, giving way to the dawn of another new year of serving others with you. It’s a good opportunity to look back on the things we’ve accomplished (hint: next month we’ll look ahead to the vision for CRC’s future). The Top 10 things I can think of – pretty much in chronological order – are:

  1. Stabilized our financial position.
  2. Improved employee retention and morale.
  3. Established strategic priorities and a strategic plan.
  4. Increased employee salaries and benefits to fair market value.
  5. Implemented annual employee evaluation and cost of living raise.
  6. Secured grant funding for computer hardware upgrade.
  7. Established operating reserves for funded depreciation.
  8. Adapted delivery of program services to COVID-19 public health requirements while successfully responding to increased demands for service from people experiencing food and housing insecurity, and domestic violence.
  9. Launched new accounting software that best services the complexity of our financial stewardship.
  10. Completed the purchase of 660 2nd Street, which is symbolic of the vision for our future.

It feels good to look back and know we accomplished these things together. It feels even better to know that all these accomplishments are focused on one thing: helping our neighbors create paths to healthy food, stable homes and safe relationships.

Just imagine what our future will hold.