2019 Volunteers of the Year: David and Letitia Fleming

Our Volunteers of the Year are David and Letitia Fleming! 

CRC honored our Volunteers of the year, David and Letitia Fleming, at the North County Philanthropy Council’s annual awards luncheon on November 15. David and Letitia have been volunteers in our Integrative Services department since 2015, starting out supporting our Calfresh program. David now provides case management services for our Senior food program and Letitia is our “Jill of all trades” who welcomes participants at our front desk two days a week.

When asked to share a bit about their CRC volunteer experience and their “why,” this is what they shared with us:

Why We Volunteer
We met while working in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi in 1967. Then and throughout our careers, helping others has been a guiding principle in our lives. Volunteering at CRC, a great organization whose primary focus is providing service to the community, allows us to continue to serve others after retirement. We get far more out of volunteering than we give.

One of the Most Rewarding Experiences for Both of Us
“When Leon, disheveled with sun baked skin and slight stoop, walks in, his bright eyes, incredible smile, and effusive greeting lights up the room. His appearance belies the fact he was once an accomplished chef, now suffering from mental illness. He cries as he describes how his aunt, his payee for SSI benefits, makes him sleep on her porch, and withholds his money. After determining he is capable of handling his funds, many days consulting with Veteran Administrators, and Adult Protective Services, Leon is his own payee and is housed. These are the results that inspire us!”

Congratulations and thank you to David and Letitia!