Re-Style: Supercharge Your Spring Wardrobe

Re-Style is a new monthly blog featuring stylist tips and more from our Resale Stores! Our Guest Blogger is Lyndell Werling, Personal Stylist at and CRC Resale Store Volunteer

March 23, 2017

Now that Spring has arrived, longer days beget warmer temperatures, more time outdoors, and casual attire for active endeavors or travelling. 

Considering purchasing new clothes or accessories for your activities or a trip? Don’t drop a dime anywhere else before visiting the CRC resale stores!

Activewear Abundance

Clothing is the most common donation to the CRC Resale stores. This means that there’s a high probability an item you’re interested in purchasing may be available at the CRC.

Per the 2016 Resale Report published by Thredup, “activewear continues to be among the fastest moving categories in resale.” A broad inventory of clothes for exercising, spending time outdoors, and being adventurous can be found for a fraction of the original retail price in each of the CRC resale stores.

The average American’s clothing shopping list includes three activewear purchases annually. Purchasing activewear at the CRC, will save you much more than half of the retail cost. If my purchases are a representative sample, one can expect to spend less than $25 on a trio of activewear garments. And, I’ve purchased incredible items that didn’t even make it onto my budgeted expenditure list. Isn’t it great to have a place to acquire something that you wouldn’t otherwise own while supporting great programs that enrich the lives of people who need a hand up?

Save Your Travel Dollars and Look Stunning While Away

Whether it’s a staycation to enjoy San Diego’s breathtaking weather, or a trip to a remote destination with an adventurous itinerary, chances are you’ll acquire some new clothing for a vacation. CRC has wonderful options for those in need of swim wear, cover ups, hats, resort wear, shoes, and even luggage!

Warmer weather necessitates lighter weight clothing that is often constructed in thinner fabrics. Such garments are more subject to wear and tear which can lead to replacing and repurchasing the same type of items season after season. It logically follows that spending less on such attire makes sense.

I can verify that it’s possible to do. I found wonderful summer dresses, hats, tote bags, and purses here as temperatures soared last year. These are a few of my favorite purchases.

Further, we often take clothes that are special, unique, and intended for adventure with us on vacation. The attire consists of pieces that we don’t wear on a regular basis. Acquire beautiful, functional and fun vacation gear without breaking the bank at the CRC. Providing customers with great everyday values is a core tenet of the CRC Resale stores’ value proposition.

Thredup estimates that shopping resale can save over 1.1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions every year.

If minimizing clothing expenditures isn’t sufficient motivation to shop at the CRC resale stores, here is a fact that may be. If one in one hundred households shopped resale, CO2 emissions would be drastically reduced. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. Thredup estimates that shopping resale can save over 1.1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions every year. Ultimately, this is the equivalent of planting 24 million trees annually. That’s certainly a strong motivator in my view.

Spring isn’t Complete without Spring Cleaning

Would spring be complete without spring cleaning? This isn’t a merely a rhetorical question. It’s a gentle reminder that the CRC stores will gratefully accept your donations of clothing and household items. These donations fund CRC’s critical programs that provide a better future for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Joshua Fields Millburn, author of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life states “The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it.” While I’m not suggesting anyone needs to be become a minimalist, I encourage you to find things that you may not need, won’t use and could donate to the CRC.

Stay tuned for tips on how to do a stylist inspired closet cleanse next month!

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