Re-Style: Sharp Dressed Man

Re-Style is a monthly blog featuring stylist tips and more from our Resale Stores! Our Guest Blogger is Lyndell Werling, Personal Stylist at and CRC Resale Store Volunteer

August 21, 2017

ZZ Top’s award-winning hit song “Sharp Dressed Man” resonated with the public and made a great point. The lyrics declare “every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” It’s true! CRC can make you, and the men in your life, look sharp.

Who Looks Forward to Buying Suits?
Not many people. Suits are an investment. Suit sales are characterized by pressure. The sales people expertly exert it to close the sale. The purchaser inevitably experiences it. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on a suit that may not be ideal. This process can be incredibly stressful.

What if your new investment attire doesn’t fit properly? What if it isn’t very comfortable? What if the fabric is itchy or too hot? You can hardly bear the thought of spending money on an item that you may not look forward to wearing. What would be worse? Overspending on this item.

Great news! CRC’s Resale Stores have an impressive selection of wonderful men’s suits and the shirts, ties and shoes to complete the outfit. If you look closely, you will find some clothing that still has the original store tags or dry-cleaning tags affixed. There are designer suits, suits in a variety of colors and styles, and of course ties to complement the ensemble.

What about Casual Men’s Wear?
We’ve got it! The brand new navy blue velvet Halston blazer shown above is a perfect example of the high quality clothing at CRC. The price was fantastic. The jacket was unique and will create a special signature look for someone. Incidentally, velvet is one the top trends for fall.

For men who don’t need to dress up for work, there are plenty of casual shirts and pants. These Lucky Brand shirts shown above caught my eye due to their sophisticated pattern! Notice the dry-cleaning tags? There were many other wonderful button-down shirts from Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and many other designers. The prices make them even more attractive.

In addition to a vast selection of dress and casual clothes, the stores have you covered if you need sport apparel. Wetsuits, board shorts, baseball hats, golf shirts, and outerwear are stocked year round.

Our caring local community generously donates gently-used clothing that still has a lot of life. Stop in and give some of these treasures the opportunity to be re-styled. Besides looking dapper, you’ll support CRC’s critical programs that assist in the fight to solve hunger, homelessness and domestic violence.

The beautiful nautical screen in these pictures was donated to the Encinitas CRC resale store. Your author purchased it.

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