Re-Style: Get Summer Ready

Re-Style is a monthly blog featuring stylist tips and more from our Resale Stores! Our Guest Blogger is Lyndell Werling, Personal Stylist at and CRC Resale Store Volunteer

June 1, 2017

Summer is almost here … are you ready?

The first day of summer is only a few weeks away! Let CRC’s Resale Stores be your solution to this season’s clothing requirements.

Black dress
St. John black halter dress worn to Fashion Week in Palm Springs.

Wedding, Bridal and Baby Shower Invitations are Here. Do you have a Dress to Wear?
Weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations and other special events call for more than casual attire. Dresses are the perfect answer to the “what do I wear?” conundrum. A dress is an outfit in its own right. Guess where you can find racks and racks of beautiful, wonderfully priced dresses? You be t. Head over to the CRC and see the vast selection firsthand.

While I’m in the store, I often catch myself pondering who I know that could fit into the many gorgeous gowns, dresses, maxis and other exquisite pieces that have been donated. I love when someone I know has a need for a beautiful new addition to her wardrobe. Occasionally, that someone is me! Pictured at right is one of my favorite CRC sourced pieces that will take me through the summer season. I wore this St. John black halter dress to Fashion Week in Palm Springs.

Tip of the Hat:
How much of your socializing takes place outdoors? Unless you’re very fortunate, you probably need to consider sun protection for your face. Hats are a great solution! However, they can be elusive to find on the fly so plan ahead.

Stop by the CRC to purchase a hat for the summer season. The stores provide budget-friendly, new and vintage, options.

If you plan to attend Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track, you may want to consider a wide brimmed hat. While I look forward to attending this annual event, I certainly don’t enjoy purchasing expensive hats for the occasion. CRC’s hat inventory will be my secret weapon in the quest to look fashionable for Opening Day.

Shoe Love is True Love:
For many of us, shoe love happens. For some of us, it happens often. CRC’s Resale Stores receive many new and gently used shoes that are in season, on trend and can transform an otherwise ordinary outfit into a spectacular look. The shelves are full of sandals and high-end designer shoes just waiting to be re-styled.

Psychology Today completed a study that estimates Americans pay an average of $79 for a pair of shoes. You’ll find a much lower average price point at the CRC. And frequently, the resale stores are full of more interesting items than you can find in a traditional brick and mortar retail venue.

I invite you to stop by the CRC Resale stores to affordably outfit yourself with the garments that will take you through this summer. Doing so will be easy on your wallet and support the CRC’s critical programs that benefit our community!

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