Penelope’s Story | Carol’s House

Four months pregnant with her third child, Penelope fled her home with her two children, Linda and Ronnie, after her partner choked her and threw her to the ground. Though receiving disability, Penelope had a regular part-time job she had to leave in order to keep her whereabouts confidential.

Penelope and her children found shelter in Carol’s House. Sadly, Penelope lost her unborn baby two weeks into her shelter stay.

Even through the tragedy of losing a child, Penelope found a new beginning at Carol’s House. She continued to seek new employment while searching for affordable housing. Penelope’s children were able to laugh and receive care in the Therapeutic Children’s Center.

Penelope successfully found new part-time employment and an affordable rental home for her family. During this healing period, Penelope also reconnected with her mother, expanding her support system.

Without the resources and safety found in Carol’s House, stories like Penelope’s would not be possible.

Carol’s House provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence; it offers residents a safe home for 45 to 60 days in the emergency shelter while receiving concurrent services.

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