November Volunteer of the Month: Adriana Bade

Our November Volunteer of the Month is Adriana Bade, a member of CRC’s Jingle & Mingle Committee, planning the benefit fundraiser for Holiday Baskets. From Lauren, Adriana’s staff supervisor: “Adriana has single-handedly raised over $35,000 in in-kind donations from over 40 different companies! Thanks to Adriana, we’ll be able to raise more funds at Jingle & Mingle to help families in need this holiday season and beyond.” Adriana has secured Jingle & Mingle auction and raffle prizes from prominent donors, including Diamond Boutique, Southwest Airlines Fairbanks Country Club and more.

On why she gives back as a volunteer, Adriana says: “I grew up in a low income family that struggled to pay the bills each month. I think it’s really important to give back to those who are less fortunate and to show gratitude. Last year, I volunteered at the Jingle and Mingle. I was touched by the testimony of a gentleman that CRC had helped. The CRC is a fantastic organization that helps support North County families in a variety of different ways from food distribution, placement services, domestic violence support, etc. I am honored to be the Volunteer of the Month and to work with such a great group of people.”

Thank you, Adriana, for bringing hope and joy to those in need this holiday season!