Meet your unhoused neighbor

Series 1: Welcome to the first installment in our series, “Meet your unhoused neighbor”

Meet some of our program participants as they share their housing needs and journeys

The goal of this series is to introduce the community to their unhoused neighbors who are experiencing homelessness and hopefully connect CRC program participants to housing.

Rising housing costs, low vacancy rates, & the drop in construction of new housing of all types and at all affordability levels have significantly affected San Diego County’s housing landscape. We hope our community will help us identify available housing opportunities for our unhoused neighbors.

If you have a room for rent or rental property, contact us at We’d love to talk to you about our different housing programs and how to best support our unhoused neighbors.

Community drives the work done here at CRC. When CRC first opened its doors it was due to Encinitas business leaders and the community at large coming together in support of their neighbors in need.

We are still a community based organization and are so grateful to our volunteers & community partners for their support in providing services and connecting our participants to permanent housing.

If you would like to donate towards our supportive services flex funds, hygiene items, or other basic needs, contact

Above all else, look for ways to be a little kinder to our unhoused neighbors.