July Volunteer of the Month: James Zemel!

Congratulations to CRC’s Volunteer of the Month

James has been volunteering with the Food Pantry’s “First Light” program on Tuesdays and Thursdays since 2008. First Light is designed to provide clients with light, ready to eat items for those without access to cooking facilities. Clients can access this five times a week compared to the more limited access grocery shopping option.

Food and Nutrition Manager Sloan Chau wrote:
“James is always playing “groovy” music (groovy is one of his go-to words when everything is running smoothly) and it really livens up the FNC and gets people perked up in the mornings. He really cares for our clients and some will even frequent Thursdays more often just to chat with him.”

James shared “I’m grateful for the opportunity to interact with those currently in need, sharing food, kindness and love. I believe it makes their day and my day better.”

Thank you James for making mornings brighter for CRC and those we serve!