June Volunteer of the Month: Carly Hamel

Carly Hamel photo
Carly Hamel volunteering in CRC’s Food & Nutrition Center

Congratulations to Carly on being nominated as June Volunteer of the Month! Thank you for your dedication to the Food Pantry and those we serve. And thank you for stepping up even more while some of our more vulnerable volunteers took time off during the last three months.

What grade are you in and which school do you attend?

I am a senior at Pacific Ridge.

When did you begin volunteering with CRC, and WHY?

I began volunteering with the CRC last year with my mom because she had volunteered there for a while and wanted me to see what it was like. I ended up really loving the environment and the fact that I could give back to the community in a really helpful and impactful way, so I continued volunteering there on my own.

What is something you enjoy about volunteering at CRC?

I think what I enjoy most about volunteering at the CRC is making the large meal bags for the clients. I love thinking of meals that they could make and knowing that I had a significant impact on someone’s life just from doing something that is seemingly small.

What would you tell other high school students who are thinking about volunteering with CRC?

I would say do it! It’s such a great experience and is an excellent way to give back to the community in a way that influences a large group of people. You will love interacting with the clients as well as crafting meals for them.