January Volunteer of the Month: Lee Auerbach

Congratulations to CRC’s Volunteer of the Month, Lee Auerbach!

Lee joined our volunteer team in 2022, jumping in at the Food and Nutrition Center (FNC). This past year, with a desire to get even more involved, he took on a leadership role in which he oversees all group deep clean opportunities at the FNC.

Lee is high energy, compassionate, well-spoken, and well-connected in the community. Before the set date, he communicates with the groups in a timely manner. And on the day of, he provides a quick intro that connects the deep clean with the services we provide throughout the year. The feedback from volunteers is consistently positive, that they felt it was a meaningful and fun experience. This is credited to Lee’s leadership.

His willingness to take on this role has allowed us to expand our community engagement beyond the typical weekday hours of our staff, which means a 600% increase in group volunteers in the Food Programs in 2023. We expect more in 2024. Thank you Lee!