Jane’s Story | Carol’s House

Mom “Jane” and her two daughters arrived to safety at CRC’s emergency shelter after fleeing her violent husband. Guided by her caring CRC counselor, Jane progressed into our transitional housing program. Jane and her daughters left behind their trauma and fear and started building their individual confidence and self-esteem.

Jane worked diligently at her job and her daughters did very well in school. Jane’s girls were able to take advantage of YMCA camps during school breaks so Jane could continue to work. Jane grew tremendously from CRC’s classes, group therapy and individual counseling while her daughters flourished in counseling, especially at our Therapeutic Children’s Center with their art therapist, Ms. Mary.

In their year stay, Jane’s girls bonded closely with Ms. Mary in the Therapeutic Children’s Center, where they found a safe and nurturing environment. Wonderful things happened. Jane was rewarded for her hard work with a job promotion and significant pay raise! She secured housing near the girls’ school. Now…they are not only self-sufficient, Jane and her girls are thriving, living well-balanced lives filled with safety and love.

This conversation with one of Jane’s daughters and Ms. Mary is a heartwarming reflection of the positive change in Jane’s family: When complimented on her new and “beautiful” hairdo, Jane’s six-year-old daughter said:

“…and I’m beautiful on the inside, too, just like you, Ms. Mary, because that’s what really matters.”

Carol’s House provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence; it offers residents a safe home for 45 to 60 days in the emergency shelter while receiving concurrent services.

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