Introducing Re-Style

CRC is excited to introduce Re-Style, a new monthly blog featuring stylist tips and more from our Resale Stores! 

Our Guest Blogger is Lyndell Werling, Personal Stylist at and CRC Resale Store Volunteer

3 Reasons to Shop at the CRC Resale Stores

1. Find Unique and Exciting Merchandise

Volunteering in the Encinitas location for the past year has shown me that the resale stores are full of one-of-a-kind treasures. You’ll find things that are simply not available in traditional brick and mortar or online sites. Merchandise of all kinds can be found, including best-selling and unusual books, rare records, antiques, designer clothing and vintage garments, and more. The CRC stores sell these items at a fraction of the cost of regular retail prices.

Many customers frequent the stores on a regular basis to find fun and unique items. They seem to leave with delightful treasures each time they visit. In fact, one of these loyal customers told me that she’s shopped with CRC for over two decades! That’s a testament to the merchandise, CRC’s employees, and the generosity of the community who donate their possessions.

I’m a personal wardrobe stylist. As such, I’m drawn to anything related to fashion. There are a myriad of items that pique my interest every time I’m in the stores.

One of my favorite purchases was a Jackie Kennedy coffee table book. Besides exquisite pictures, it chronicles each item that Mrs. Kennedy wore in her official capacity as the First Lady of the United States. The designers who created her official wardrobe, the materials used to create them and date each garment was worn is outlined in the fantastic book. Its detail and historic references make it one of my most valued possessions.

I’ve also bought many brand new items that I would have purchased at regular retail stores such as Urban Decay & Trish McEvoy makeup. I felt fantastic about spending money with CRC instead of a mass merchandiser. Valuable vintage items, like a Gucci belt I acquired, are routinely donated. In the case of the Gucci belt, I would never have bought this luxury item at full price. It makes me happy every time that I wear it! There is literally something for everyone in the resale stores.

2. To Protect the Environment

Shopping at the CRC Resales Stores saves you money. But it also saves the environment because you are reusing a garment or item instead of it being tossed into a landfill.

Four percent of global landfills contain clothing and textiles, although nearly ninety nine percent of used clothing is recyclable.* If you want to help the environment and CRC’s constituents, purchase clothing at the resale stores. Save money, find quality clothing at reasonable prices, help others on the path to self-sufficiency while helping the planet? Sounds like a winning proposition! Giving clothing, and other merchandise a second chance, reduces waste and supports program that help our community.

3. To Support CRC’s Programs

Fueling the engine of empowerment occurs when you purchase items from the CRC’s stores. The resale stores generate significant income each year and help CRC serve thousands of families annually. That’s a material impact! Donations to the resale stores, and resultant sales, make this possible.

Further, the resale stores provide employment opportunities to many individuals returning to the workforce or entering it for the first time. Many employees remain with CRC in other capacities down the road. CRC’s staff includes several incredible members who started in the resale locations.

We invite you to visit one of the resale stores to support CRC’s mission to create paths to safety, stability, and self-sufficiency. Donations are gratefully accepted at each of the CRC resale store locations in Encinitas, San Marcos or downtown Carlsbad.

In the coming months, I’ll be posting more tips so you can maximize your shopping experience at the CRC Resales Stores, and I’ll be showing you more of the treasures I’ve found!

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*Source: Conscious Company Magazine, published July 2015 by Emily Roberts. APPAREL INDUSTRY BY THE NUMBERS Infographic.