February Volunteer of the Month: Kate Ostrove

Congratulations to CRC’s Volunteer of the Month, Kate Ostrove!

Kate is a volunteer at our San Marcos Resale Store. Nominating Staff person Mary Cunningham writes: “Kate is an awesome worker; she doesn’t like to leave a job half done. Kate is very humble, and she’s willing to do the jobs no one else want to do. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

Kate always asks great questions and wants to know why we do the things we do. Although Kate has a family to take care of, she takes the time out of her busy family life to volunteer her time with us. She truly has a heart of gold!

Kate, and other volunteers, treat volunteering like a second job. Although they don’t get paid, they bring a sense of accomplishment, pride and value in the work that they do.”

Thank you Kate for your hard work and dedication to CRC! We are grateful!