David’s Story | Food & Nutrition

David is a single father to two boys, and is unable to work due to a disability. His family participates in CRC’s food and nutrition program, of which David says, “I’ve been able to feed my kids – give them lunch and dinner – and they have been able to focus on school.”

Last year, the family also received food, coats, and bicycles for the boys through the Holiday Baskets program. David’s son Alex rides his bike to school and takes it to his after-school job at a local restaurant. The money he earns helps to support his family, and aids in the purchasing of necessities, such as shoes and clothing.

Alex will be heading to San Francisco State University on a mathematics scholarship in the fall. David says proudly, “Alex is a straight-A student – he’s the first in our family to go to college.” He adds, “CRC has been a blessing. We wouldn’t be able to make it without them.”

Watch David share his story:

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