CRC Success in Oceanside

CRC Success in Oceanside

Community Resource Center expanded to Oceanside last year and is providing life changing assistance to both seniors and families there. In order to spread the word and let people know that CRC is here to help, staff have been doing outreach by visiting apartment complexes and senior housing complexes. They visited more than ten different complexes to talk to residents and landlords and handed out business cards and pamphlets, and followed up with phone calls and emails. CRC staff have been assisting with benefits applications and rental assistance in Oceanside for over a year.

Several success stories have come from CRC’s efforts in Oceanside in the last month:

  • Five families have been aided in having their back rent paid for and are currently up to date on their rent, thus keeping them in their homes and preventing homelessness.
  • CRC has placed one of our intervention clients into housing and several others have been made eligible for the Emergency Housing Voucher program.
  • We have three clients in our Emergency Motel Voucher program that have been with CRC for over a year, all are single men on a fixed income of about $1,000 a month. They are eligible for deposit and short-term rental assistance through Encinitas Opening Doors and Homeless Prevention Innovation Fund Encinitas, and the County of San Diego-awarded Emergency Housing Vouchers (also known as Section 8 vouchers). These clients have been working with CRC Case Managers to complete needs assessments, help them collect essential documents and be connected to rental assistance programs, thus moving from the motel voucher program to looking for permanent housing. They will pay a percentage of their income towards their rent.

CRC also works with landlords to dispel negative stereotypes, especially as some are nervous about accepting Section 8 because of stereotypes of the people accessing the program. We take the time to explain that CRC clients have supportive services to help them succeed. In addition, landlords may appreciate Section 8 vouchers because they are  also guaranteed payments from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If you or someone you know has rental property and you’d like to help CRC clients move into permanent housing, please contact Integrative Services at or call (760) 753-8300.

CRC’s homelessness prevention programs provide assistance to help you remain in your home. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact Integrative Services at or call (760) 753-8300.