CRC Nutrition Pantry Now Gold Certified

We’re Officially Gold Certified!

Thank you to Leah’s Pantry who has recognized CRC as a Gold Certified Nutrition Pantry!

Leah’s Pantry provided consulting to enhance CRC’s food programs. To better meet participants needs, we made some environmental changes to help our participants identify healthy items tailored to dietary and health conditions as well as cultural accommodations. We now have a small on-site garden that is thriving with tomatoes, green beans and lettuce!

Leah’s Pantry also provided funds to purchase a recipe rack, a fun way to share healthy recipes and cookbooks with participants.

Thank you to the San Diego Food System Alliance for providing us with a new refrigerator unit acquired through a mini grant. With proper refrigeration and more space we are really able to extend the life of ready-to-eat items and distribute them in good shape. We are really grateful for this new unit!