CRC Community Cares Campaign Fundraising Toolkit

Become a Community Cares Campaign fundraiser to help give food, shelter and safety to families in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fundraising Ideas:

Community Cares Campaign Virtual Fundraiser

Start your fundraiser on MobileCause: 
  1. Visit our Fundraising Page or text “WECARE2020” to 71777
  2. Click on “Become a Fundraiser” and enter your information and submit.
  3. Customize your fundraiser
    • Customize your fundraiser page by adding your own profile image and
  4. Share your fundraiser
    • Share on social media or e-mail: You can share your fundraiser using the links at the top of the page (desktop) or bottom of the page (mobile).
    • Text friends: You will see your custom text code at the top of your page (i.e. “Text WECARE20201 to 71777). Use the sample fundraising language below to text friends to donate to your campaign!
    • Copy your fundraiser link and send it out (It will look like:
Or start your fundraiser on Facebook

Virtual Run/Walk: Pledge a specific number of miles you plan to run or walk on your own – you can go around your neighborhood, your yard or your house (or even climb stairs instead!), and ask friends and family to sponsor you per lap. You can even make the pledge and donate the money yourself, that kind of motivation will help you get moving and support both CRC and good health!

For inspiration, read the story about a 99-year-old veteran who raised $17 million for Britain’s NHS. 

Remote Connections: Do you have lots of friends and family across the miles? Pledge to donate a certain amount for each call or email you make to connect with them. They’ll be so glad to hear from you and you can tell them how the call is also supporting your community! 

Zappy Hour: Schedule a Zoom video happy hour with friends and/or family. You can charge a $5 “cover” fee to participate, with funds going to CRC to provide food, housing and more to your neighbors in need. 

Zingo: Schedule a Zoom video bingo game, you can charge a fee to participate with the money going to CRC. This is a fun thing to do with kids, too! 

Art Auction: If you have kids who are crafty, have them paint or draw a picture and ask relatives and friends to send you their highest bid to purchase it. The top bid becomes the donation sent to CRC – and we’d be happy to send your child a thank you card for their role in raising the money! 


Sample Fundraiser Sharing Language: 


Dear Friends,

During this challenging time in our community, you can help give shelter and hope to the hungry, homeless and hurting with a donation to Community Resource Center.

For 40 years, Community Resource Center has helped the hungry, homeless and hurting in San Diego, providing a domestic violence shelter and hotline, housing assistance and case management, nutritional food distribution, counseling and more.

Every gift helps! Find out more and donate here: or text WECARE2020 to 71777. Thank you for your generosity!

Social Media:

I support @sandiegocrc and their mission of helping the hungry, homeless and hurting in our community. Join me in giving back, spreading kindness, and showing how together we can be a force for good! #covidcantstopGOOD #GiveCRC

Tag @sandiegocrc on Facebook and Instagram and @sandiego_crc on twitter

Shareable image:


Thank you for your support of Community Resource Center!