Clementine’s Story | Homelessness Intervention & Prevention

I’m no longer homeless in an RV. My daughter has her own room and her own bed. It’s the best feeling in the world.”  – Clementine

Clementine was homeless and living in her RV when she found out that her teen daughter, who lived with her dad, was experiencing severe health issues. Clementine reached out to Community Resource Center for help to find a safe place for her and her daughter to call home …

In 2008, Clementine and her husband lost their home and real estate business, eventually separating after they tried to keep their household together for as long as they could. In 2011, Clementine became ill due to mold exposure at her job and had to cut back her hours. For many months, Clementine lived in an RV because she could not afford to pay rent on her part-time salary. Clementine says, “I felt so alone for a good five years.” During this time, her two daughters lived with their dad.

While Clementine was recovering from her illness, she learned that her daughter was beginning to develop scoliosis due to sleeping on her dad’s couch for many years . Clementine says, “I don’t care if I’m not well … it wasn’t a happy situation.” She decided she had to do whatever she could to get her daughter back and find a healthy place for her to sleep.

Clementine came to Community Resource Center for help. She met with Chad, her case manager, to obtain full-time employment, receive food and save for an apartment. Clementine found employment working full time at a grocery store and part time at a pet food store. She utilized CRC’s Rapid Re-housing Program to obtain help with the deposit and rent for an apartment.

Clementine and her daughter moved into their new home in November 2019. Clementine says, “My daughter has her own room and her own bed. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Clementine’s story illustrates CRC’s homelessness intervention program, but also our homelessness prevention program because her story doesn’t end with moving into an apartment with her daughter.

Due to COVID-19, Clementine’s hours were cut at her second job. Clementine says, “I can’t survive on one full-time income. CRC has made it so I can pay for unexpected things that have come up … like my car needed $900 of work and broke down on my freeway. I would have possibly lost both my jobs. It’s made it so I can breathe.” During this difficult time, CRC is providing support with rental assistance to help make sure she is able to keep her home.

Clementine and her daughter have a safe and healthy place to call home. Clementine says, “I’m no longer homeless in an RV. My daughter has her own bed and her back is healing. She’s on track for graduating and going to college.”

As we stay safe at home during this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to make sure our unsheltered neighbors have a safe place to call home, and those that do have a home, are able to remain in them. Each individual and family walk their own path to self-sufficiency, and CRC is here to support them along the way.

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