Campaign Spotlight: Sheri Seipel-Burtt & Ken Burtt

Ken and Sheri

We are shining the spotlight on Sheri and Ken, who have committed their support to the Capital Campaign. Sheri is a longstanding and dedicated CRC volunteer.

By Sheri Seipel-Burtt

When my husband, Ken, and I retired to San Diego eight years ago, I was looking forward to having more time for volunteering and began searching for opportunities. Luckily, I found CRC.

Making a Difference

I was drawn to CRC for their commitment to preventing hunger and homelessness, and I started volunteering weekly in the Food and Nutrition Center. It was exactly what I was looking for – the opportunity to interact directly with clients as I helped them navigate our food pantry. I heard their stories and knew that CRC was making a difference in their lives. My hope was that my attention, help and smile made their day a little better.

“Making the world a better place has always been important to me, and I found volunteering a satisfying way for me to contribute to that goal.” – Sheri

Wanting to Do More

Soon, I wanted to do more. I jumped at the chance to get involved with Holiday Baskets and have coordinated the volunteer schedule for this program for several years. I have also taken on other assignments, including being a CRC ambassador, where I can talk about the organization and its mission at various events.

Making a Lasting Impact

With the launch of the capital campaign, my husband and I recognized we have the capacity to provide critical financial support, in addition to the volunteering hours I was already contributing. This campaign, which will provide an updated and expanded campus, was the perfect motivator, and Ken and I are pleased to be contributors to this project. We know our gift will help equip CRC for the future and increase the positive impact it has on our community.